Cafe Daisy the physical storefront for

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New and Undiscovered Cafe!

Cafe Daisy is a cafe store, the physical storefront for

The products are displayed in location and in use for customers to browse through and use before purchasing online while providing a setup to socialize, interact and spend time.

The cafe therefore also serves a selected range of beverages and food.
In the spirit of the brand’s beliefs, their coffee is exclusively sourced and manually brewed from one of the best quality Indian origin Arabica beans.

Their brewing methods are also special, Serving brews that take minimum eight hours to steep in a Cold brew, it’s literally the single malt for coffee lovers to Aeropress espresso shots that takes complete control of pulling an espresso shot in a vacuum to take charge of the day.
The food menu includes flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, soup, and salad. The flavors are distinguished, simple and fresh.

Daisy is the idea of simple, natural living without having to go out of your way… the journey to clear the clutter, stay connected to the core while moving towards better living.

Their range of toys, home, and personal accessory products are curated in this spirit. They reflect the aesthetics and characteristics of these values. The products are natural materials like wood, bamboo, jute, wicker, coconut, cane, straw and the likes.
Their products are for the masses, reasonably priced too.

The cutest thing is the mini golf which I enjoyed playing.

Check out some images of our visit to this place.

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