“WAIKIKI” The First Tiki bar in the country!

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Your next party destination is here right here in Pune…
“WAIKIKI” The First Tiki bar in the country!

Perfect magnificent party place with a perfect ambience , food and cocktails to die for….

This place gives an ambience of party places in Goa….

This place is open air lounge where people can have private parties as well as party with their buddies and of course kitty parties can happen with any theme which can be organized by the place.

Name Waikiki is derived from a beach in Honolulu in Hawaii and their Tiki cocktails served in ceramic mugs depicting Tikis.

Few of them which we tried were
Waikiki Island Ice Tea which had a blend of white rum, gin, tequila, vodka and absinthe with cranberry juice which made it a perfect drink.

If you are a litchi lover Groovy hula rose is a perfect drink for u with was a mix of vodka, litchi and and fresh rose petals.

Among the starters all of them that were served to us were extraordinary but a special mention was for
Curry leaf prawns with some exotic dips like the garlic dip and the mustard dip by chef Jeetu.

Cajun chicken tenders which had a Cajun seasoning marination which just melted in my mouth.

Four kinds of soups for all the soup lovers which were so delicious
meatball soup with a perfect texture served piping hot in classy bowls.

In the Main course we were served Five spice burnt garlic noodles with seafood and chicken steak which I felt was a very exotic dish and was created exclusively by the chef.

Thank you Preity Mody for being a perfect host .

I would definitely give a 5 star for this place for the food and Ambience.

Watch out for our upcoming video of this new place in town.

So all the party animals you have a new rocking place to go !

Watch out for their Saturday night events!

Check out some images of our visit to this place

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